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Try a Healthy Argentinian Favorite: Chimichurri

Chimichurri, a marinade and condiment, is an Argentinian favorite that is loved for its full flavor and complementary abilities. This sauce is the perfect accompaniment for chicken, fish, pasta, sausages, and steaks. And from a health standpoint, chimichurri is loaded with good-for-you benefits, including calcium, carotenes, iron, and vitamins A and C (from the parsley) and calcium, fiber, iron, and vitamins E and K (from the oregano), as well as heart-healthy garlic and the monounsaturated fat found in olive oil, which may help to lower total cholesterol.


Chimichurri Sauce



1 Fresno chile, finely minced

1 small shallot, finely chopped

4-5 garlic cloves, minced

½ cup red wine vinegar

1 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more

½ cup minced fresh flat-leaf parsley

2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh oregano

½ cup minced fresh cilantro

¾ cup extra-virgin olive oil



To use this sauce for meat. In a medium bowl, mix together chile, shallot, garlic, vinegar, and salt; let stand for 10 minutes. Add in parsley, oregano, and cilantro; mix. Whisk in oil. Transfer ½ cup of the chimichurri to a small bowl; season with salt and set aside for serving later. Place meat in a ceramic, glass, or stainless-steel dish. Pour remaining chimichurri over meat and turn meat to coat. Cover meat and chill for up to 3 hours or overnight. Remove meat from marinade and pat dry with paper towels. Grill meat. Spoon reserved sauce over grilled meat. MAKES APPROXIMATELY 2 CUPS OF CHIMICHURRI